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Chris's interest in architecture and construction dates back to childhood. He was encouraged, and later mentored, by a close family friend who was an architect. Chris has hands-on experience, having worked side by side with his father on extensive home remodel projects. He obtained a BA in Architecture from Cal, and gained experience during summer breaks working for architecture firms specializing in historic preservation and housing development. After college he traveled through Europe with his younger brother, sampling new and old art, architecture, and design. As the youngest member of the team, Chris started as a drafter, which allowed him to work closely with the other architects, thus building a good rapport with each of them. Chris enjoys balancing the "tight rope" between good design, physical constraints, zoning and building codes, and the clients' wishes. Chris also believes that good communication with contractors is important to ensure that the "finished product is the envisioned product." A competitive distance runner while at Cal, Chris is now an assistant coach for Cal's cross country and track teams. He is also an avid cyclist and enjoys riding in the Berkeley and Oakland hills.
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