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While a student, Curt studied political science and urban planning before deciding to pursue a master's in architecture at UCLA. His many years at Graff Architects attest to his making the right decision. As an architect, Curt enjoys the intimacy of the residential work, solving spatial problems, making things fit together—such as turning a pantry into a bathroom in a San Francisco Victorian: "by definition a limited space," yet still needing to meet zoning and coding requirements. Curt has an innate sense of aesthetic. He is constantly observing buildings and homes—what works, what doesn't—thus adding to his experience as an architect and the lessons that can be learned through observation. Curt balances the constraints of architecture with his sculpture, working with welded steel and other metals, for which Curt states, "I can do whatever I want. It's me and the metal, the only constraint being the metal." Curt also utilizes his knowledge in urban planning by volunteering with his San Francisco neighborhood group and advising them on building and planning issues.
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