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"I've always built things and I've always been interested in how they go together," says Grier, who knows architectural design from every angle, building on knowledge that began with a "backyard clubhouse" and now spans almost 30 years as an architect. Very much the hands-on type, Grier worked as a carpenter and took up woodworking while studying architecture. "I like the technical aspects as much as the design aspects." Grier has visited literally hundreds of houses in the Bay Area from which he draws his tremendous wealth of experience, design ideas and solutions. He has a tremendous eye for what others might overlook. A "people person" at heart with a well of enthusiasm and love for his trade, Grier's first goal is to impact people's lives through design, such as opening up a space to bring a family together. In the office, Grier has an "open door" policy (his door literally won't shut), regularly meeting with clients, contractors, his project managers, and fellow community volunteers.

As a volunteer, the Piedmont Post recently referred to Grier as "in a class by himself." Last year, he received the Art Hecht Volunteer of the Year Award as the school district's top volunteer (in recognition of 20+ years of active involvement). It's impossible to list every project or effort for which Grier has lent a hand, but here are a noteworthy few: the Warren Easton High School in New Orleans, an elementary school and community computer center in Chacala, Mexico, and a chapel in Salampol, Poland.


  • University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design
    Master of Architecture, 1978
  • Case-Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
    Bachelor of Architecture, 1970
  • Architect, State of California, #C10269, since 1979
  • Architect, State of Nevada, #2885, since 1992
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