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As a child in Atlanta, Jeannine drew floor plans of houses with long corridors and rooms following one another ad infinitum. Many years later, after obtaining a BA from Duke University and working for several years in other fields, she drafted her first project, the Environmental Education Center in Tilden Park. Jeannine possesses many qualities that make a good architect: the ability to visualize 3-dimensional space, keep the detailed picture and the bigger picture in mind at the same time, and approach a problem from many angles. She likens architecture to a puzzle; you work on one part of the puzzle and then you have to adjust everything else that's affected by it. She says, "Every line I draw is a decision." Jeannine is best known, however, for her ability to detail. Says Jacqui, "If a client wants a design for a complicated crown molding, that's Jeannine. She has an eye for that." She is also a gifted artist, showing her work regularly in the Bay Area.
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