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Linnea plays a central role at Graff Architects. Although an art enthusiast, Linnea brings business acumen, organization, and order to the firm. She is the perfect complement to an office of artists. Linnea came to the firm many years ago, saying, "Knowing all Grier had to deal with made me more sympathetic." Although starting as a part-time bookkeeper, over the years Linnea has become principally responsible for the essential administrative side of the business such as bookkeeping, payroll, employee benefits, client contracts, etc. In the last 20 years, Linnea will tell you, the "gentlemen's agreement" of earlier years, when neither cost nor timeline was ever discussed, has been replaced with a contract that continues to grow in complexity. Linnea shares Grier's enthusiasm for volunteering and community involvement, and is currently the council president of Trinity Lutheran Church. Grier and Linnea have two sons, Robert and Stewart.
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